CALL TODAY!  775.527.2840 
Wes is a longtime Tahoe local and knows the area, the businesses and the people, both those who visit and those who live and work here.

Wes has operated his own businesses in the area, including a high adventure sports activity camp.  Wes has been and is a ski instructor and tuner.  Wes' ski instructor experience began at Mount Snow, Vermont, after which he taught four years at Kirkwood, three years at Mammoth Lakes, two years at Diamond Peak, and one year each at Slide Mountain and Sierra Ski Ranch.

Wes is highly motivated and thrives on challenges.  He is always looking to expand and improve his abilities and master new responsibilities.  Wes is prompt, responsible, reliable and always aims to exceed your highest expectations.

Hire Wes and All Around Tahoe and you won't be disappointed!

You may contact Wes at (775) 527-2840.
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