Adventure Host

 CALL TODAY!  775.527.2840 
Hire Wes as your adventure host.  He'll show you all the best spots All Around Tahoe for your extreme sports, relaxing boat trips, invigorating hikes or to enjoy the Tahoe night life.

Wes also has access to local sports shops and can provide you a day trying out new equipment, giving the opportunity to try different skis, boards, etc., helping you make a more informed decisions about which equipment is best for you.

And don't forget, Wes can professionally document your adventures, giving you lifelong photographic memories.

Demo this year's skis and boards! Wes is your local ski- buying advisor gets you special access to this year's newest skis and boards.

Take the newest skis and boards for a test run to check them out, and at the same time, advance your techniques and styles on the slopes with Wes.
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